Future To The Moon

By crossings new steps through the time, Joseph Auren has created designs more and more sophisticated. The sewing’s join them to each other in movements symbolising the intense motion in direction of the moon.

Still minimalist and playing between  black & white and  gray colours this new series puts on a story as if the models were going to the moon by wearing the pieces. Indeed, Joseph Auren’s designs are composed of broderies harness. Refined and trendy at the same time, it conveys the buckling belts of space ship.

All the pieces are conceptual and technically advanced in reflection of the moon. The shining metallic fabric and metallic zips make’s reminding the stars in galaxy, and the extra panels stitched on the jacket’s and pants reflects the satellites in a high star system in direction of the moon. Every piece is divided into many parts by the straight lines strips bands meaning the moving way-in the direction to the moon.